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"A social enterprise providing training and sewing opportunities to women in need, A-changin Private Limited, partnered the NTUC Women's Development Secretariat (WDS) to provide flexible work arrangements and better renumerations for its staff. Today the company has 25 (34 as of Oct 2012) employees and they are better off financially, with more time for their families." - NTUC U Portal

A-changin Private Limited is a social enterprise with a social mission to provide training and employment opportunities to women in need.

Our first work-integration initiative, appropriately named Alteration Initiative, aims to equip disadvantaged women with garment alteration skills to achieve adequate source of income and better quality of life; integrating them into mainstream society.

We have an inclusive employment practice. As of Feb 2013, we have a staff strength of 36 - 58% are 50 years old and above. Besides mature women, we also train and employ single mothers, persons with disability and former out-of-work women (50%).. Most of them were low-income workers before joining our social enterprise. Through upskilling and flexible work arrangements, they are now enjoying rewarding careers and better work-life balance.

By concentrating on sewing quality, computerised processes, modern settings and friendly service; we aim to modernise and corporatise the business of apparel alteration in Singapore.

To ensure quality, we only employ senior seamstresses who have spent decades perfecting their sewing skills in the high fashion industry. They must also be willing to give back by imparting their skills to our beneficiaries.

While making our customers look good, we also hope to engage the public, private and people sectors to Do Good. Together.

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Haute Alteration Initiative
By Appointment Only

  • Alteration and collection are by appointment only. This is to dedicate more time to explore other social initiatives.
  • This premium concept provides very high quality alteration for high fashion. We will assign our best specialists to handle your specific alteration request.

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Support Local Social Enterprise
Be Part Of The Good

  • Do Good Together.

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New Rasa Singapura

  • Our 2nd social enterprise provided training and employment to people with physical and mental challenges..
  • We served the best of Singaporean cuisines in an alfresco garden setting.
  • We are now looking for location opportunities for a new F&B social enterprise.